Monday, April 8, 2013

Vegas Baby

My cousins David and Kate were getting married and they chose Las Vegas for the place to do it.
It was a whirlwind of 4 days consisting of drinking, gambling, dancing and of course LOVE!

All of our family was there to celebrate these two lovely people.
Here are some of my favorite moments.

Gram and I worked SO hard on my dress I wore to the wedding.  
I love Gram so much, and I am blessed to have her in my life.
And Sar....she is a pretty awesome person and even better sister.
We had a blast together.

 Fordney Family...pretty normal. Clearly.

These are horrible cell phone pictures,
but I love them.
David was going to loose it as Kate walked down the isle.
It was one of the sweetest most innocent moments I have witnessed.
You know that movie 27 Dresses?
I too look at the groom when the bride makes her grand entrance.

Put your hands together for the newly weds!!
Mr. & Mrs. Fordney!!!!! cupcakes.
Enough said there.

We shared a photo like this one at Alex's wedding.
It is one of my favorite in the whole world.
I sure miss these guys.
Alex and his beautiful wife Rebecca and cute baby bob Jonah live in Tennessee,
and David with his new lovely wife Kate live in New Jersey.

(Alex, Sarah, Sam & David)

Rebecca & Jonah

 The Fordney Men
Top: Mike, Bill Jr., David & Tim
Bottom: Bill Sr., Alex & Jonah
Not Pictured: Eric

Wedding shenanigans! 
Uncle Mike "borrowed" my sunglasses while in the restroom.
Mom snapped a picture of him and said 
"I'll save this for a rainy day" hahahaa
I just got the picture in a text message this last weekend.

No biggie,
wedding attire at Burger King.

Also on a random note.
Sarah LOVES Celine Dion.
I know right??!!
Hilarious....anyway, we went to her show.
Sarah was like a little kid in a candy store.
It was so fun to watch her and have such an amazing time.

We were seated in a box,
totally awesome by the way.
We danced the whole time!!
I didn't know I was so familiar with Celine Dion songs haha
I had a great time,
and so did my family.

Waiting nervously for the show to start.

In all we had a blast in Vegas.
I don't want to go back for a long time haha
It was tiring, 
I'll never get that $60 I gambled away,
and my suit case came home smelling of smoke.
But I will always remember this family trip,
how much fun I had and the love that was celebrated!!

David & Kate Fordney
Est. March 15, 2013


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